Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe wedding

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe have had our minds in the two step measures since they 1st announced their televised marriage plans on 11th March at the finale of Bachelor Season 17. They have listened about the location, wedding guests and minister, but they have not heared a peep regarding the date in some time.

Recently, the couple relocated from Los Angeles, California to Dallas and appeared to be putting down their roots as well as planning for their wedding future. While Sean Lowe teased earlier in August that an announcement will be made sometime in the near future – still, people are waiting to listen another word regarding it.

There would be a wedding. According to reports, Sean recently told that the fact of the matter is that they were speaking about the wedding ceremony and they were talking about the primary phases of planning the wedding. They just could not announce it as of now because ABC prefers to keep these things top secret till they are totally ready to announce it but there would be a wedding ceremony.

Speaking about the ABC funded wedding, a Seattle native told that it is totally different from what normal brides would experience but again they get the best of everything. They get presented to it instead of seeking it out. It does make it easier.
Catherine told that she just wants this to be beautiful.


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