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Apr 15

Tibetan pair’s wedding snaps hit Chinese social mediums

Stunning wedding photos of a Tibetan couple have become quite popular at Chinese media. In one, they are sporting huge sunglasses, while in another they are donning traditional Tibetian dress in front of the Jokhang Temple. These are the ‘grand’ wedding snaps of Gerong Phuntsok and Dawa Drolma.

The couple followed the Chinese tradition of posing for professional “wedding” photos in meaningful or scenic locations way ahead of their wedding day. The snaps went viral on the Chinese social mediums just days before their wedding earlier on Saturday, striking a chord as young people of ethnic minors attempt to incorporate both traditional culture as well as more modern trimmings into their lives throughout fast-modernizing China.

The snaps have been seen by 80% of users of messaging application WeChat, making Gerong Phuntsok and Dawa Drolma the most blessed groom and bride in the country.

Gerong told that it was really unexpected for them. He said that this is because they probably represented thousands and thousands of young people from ethnic minorities, who left their hometowns to go after a ‘modern life’ but selected to return to tradition after feeling a void in the heart. Continue reading →

Dec 14

The Container Store solemnizes employees nuptial ties

The Container Store, the leading retailer of storage and organization products in Texas in the United States, recently celebrated the wedding of two of their employees, Greg Arechar and Lety Covarrubias, who had completed a tenure of 25 years in the company.

The wedding was attended by Kip Tendell, the Chairman, CEO and co founder of the store along with his wife his wife Sharon Tendell, who is the Chief Merchandising Officer of the store. Apart from their all of their colleagues friends and family members were present to grace the occasion. Let Covarrubias said that their love had started at the store and she did not want her wedding to happen elsewhere.

The couple has been working at this store for 25 years and has two children both of whom work at this store. Their reception was held at the Gumby Cafi which is the onsite cafeteria of the Container Store. In order to make this special occasion of the couple a memorable one, vendors and colleagues contributed generously. Davids Bridal gave a gift card of $1000 for the brides dress and Wedding Paper Divas donated wedding invitations and napkins. The floral arrangements were seen to by Cebolla Fine Flowers of Dallas. The food supplier of the Container Store, Eurest looked after the catering services for the reception. Moreover some other vendors like Hot Chocolates, Custom Cakes and Handmade Chocolates provided discounts for the ceremony.

During the ceremony several readings had been delivered and it also included a reading by Kip Tendell from his book Uncontainable that highlights the Culture, Conscious Capitalism and Foundation Principles of the Container Store. Their children served as the Best Man and the Maid of Honor for the ceremony. The wonderful cooperation and humility by all the colleagues at the Container Store made this wedding a huge success.

Feb 14

West and Kardashian wedding rumors false

Reality television star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West are designing the most lavish wedding ceremony they could put forward. Earlier Kim and West were spotted at the Paris for Couture Week. After that there were some rumors on social networking sites that they are getting married at the Château de Versailles. But, later they revealed that they went there just as a place of interest.

Recently, at a television chat show, Kim told that they took a private tour. West and she has never been there; therefore, they just wanted a tour and everyone thought they were picking that as their wedding place and all of that.

She added that they would get married this summer, and that would take place in Paris most possibly, they just love it there. This is like their 2nd home. They spend so much time there, they have an apartment there.

Now, officially, Fearne Cotton is in wedding attire mode, stating brand new details regarding her dream frock. While the Radio 1 DJ might be a total fashion freak, Cotton stated that she just has one designer in mind for her perfect wedding dress. And it is not who you think.

Recently, it was reported that she told that she is Googling about her wedding dress and she love them. Now, she has come to the conclusion that she would design her own wedding dress. The recently engaged presenter stated that this is obviously something that is really fun to plan.

Jan 14

Wedding venue shuts down

Nicholas Devito and his beloved Julie began quite early with their wedding planning. They reserved the Ocean View Inn as their wedding reception venue. By December, they booked rooms as well as deposited approximately US$ 5000 for their summer wedding ceremony. Even few days ago, it appeared that everything was on the right track.

But now, there is a problem, Nicholas and around half dozen others have registered complaints with the state attorney general and Gloucester police after Ocean View was closed through a foreclosure. The couples have also been unable to reach to the owner of Ocean View, which is located at 171 Atlantic Ave. on the picturesque Back Shore in Gloucester. The couples were now left hopeless on their wedding plans.

The news has spread all over in the past 2 weeks. Some couples have even listened it through social networks. Nicholas told that they thought that they were good. They were going to go up in February and put down yet another payment for food. They thought they were all set to go.

Earlier, Nicholas was alerted by his justice of the peace that Peter Bershad, the owner of Ocean View Inn, spoke to a couple to another wedding and there it was hinted that their wedding was the last one at his Inn.

Still, the website of the Inn describes the place as ‘known for its breathtaking views, traditional cuisine, and expertise in creating cherished wedding memories that last a lifetime.’

Oct 13

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe wedding

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe have had our minds in the two step measures since they 1st announced their televised marriage plans on 11th March at the finale of Bachelor Season 17. They have listened about the location, wedding guests and minister, but they have not heared a peep regarding the date in some time.

Recently, the couple relocated from Los Angeles, California to Dallas and appeared to be putting down their roots as well as planning for their wedding future. While Sean Lowe teased earlier in August that an announcement will be made sometime in the near future – still, people are waiting to listen another word regarding it.

There would be a wedding. According to reports, Sean recently told that the fact of the matter is that they were speaking about the wedding ceremony and they were talking about the primary phases of planning the wedding. They just could not announce it as of now because ABC prefers to keep these things top secret till they are totally ready to announce it but there would be a wedding ceremony.

Speaking about the ABC funded wedding, a Seattle native told that it is totally different from what normal brides would experience but again they get the best of everything. They get presented to it instead of seeking it out. It does make it easier.
Catherine told that she just wants this to be beautiful.

Sep 13

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Aug 13

Khulubuse’s big, fat wedding

Khulubuse, the nephew of South African president Jacob Zuma, is all set to tie the knot with a Swazi princess. The wedding ceremony is expected to be a royal wedding ceremony. Africa’s last absolute monarch Swazi King Mswati III will bring Princess Fiksiwe to tie the knot with her long-time lover in October.

A leading magazine has learnt that 2 wedding ceremonies will take place – one will take place on 6th October at the Swazi royal house, and the second will take place two weeks later at Khulubuse’s Nkandla home.

A source who is close the Zuma family said that Khulubuse’s bachelor party will take place late next month in Cape Town, and will be snapped by Wedding Photography Derbyshire. The insider added that he did not know how much had been budgeted for the marriage ceremony, but he told that Khulubuse does not prefer small things. It is also expected that few African heads of states will be present at the ceremony.

Khulubuse reportedly own a palatial house in Nkandla that is fit for a king. Fiksiwe is one of Mswati’s half-sisters and half-brothers.

In the Nguni culture, umakotshana can take the role of a sister in the event of a problem like if she dies without giving birth to an heir or childlessness.

Swazi royal family’s spokesperson stated that the marriage ceremony would be in October, but he added that the exact date has not been decided yet.

Jun 13

The rise of marriage dress codes

Dress codes at wedding are becoming very creative as well as theme specific these days, often leaving invitees with a sartorial conundrum of attempting to decipher exactly what to sport. Speaking to a leading website, Los Angeles based The Bridal Bar’s owner Harmony Walton told that several couples want to be different and they want their event to stand out. These days, there are lot of ‘California casual’, ‘Silverlake chic’ and ‘coastal chic’.

Harmony added that the trend begun with destination marriages, with pairs wanting to capture the sense of the place or make an overall color palette which would appear striking in pictures. She told that they would see a whole lot of calls for some colors. For example, all white dress, mainly at a beach location, is really a very beautiful way to get some magnificent snaps. It is a scope for people to play dress up as well as feel like that they are a part of the party.

Robin Edlow, Los Angeles marketing consulting company Surrounded By Color’s chief executive officer, is trying a color inspired attire code for her June marriage in Big Sur in California. The bride will sport a custom made wedding gown in a classic red shade as well as the décor is comprised with neon that flourishes the whole set against natural greens.

Edlow told that fancy ranch’ felt like one simple way to describe a Big Sur marriage. The location is rustic as well as the look of the wedding is an homage to beautiful nature, no frills. Maybe it does not actually make any sense. People can use their imagination.

Jun 13

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