Tibetan pair’s wedding snaps hit Chinese social mediums

Stunning wedding photos of a Tibetan couple have become quite popular at Chinese media. In one, they are sporting huge sunglasses, while in another they are donning traditional Tibetian dress in front of the Jokhang Temple. These are the ‘grand’ wedding snaps of Gerong Phuntsok and Dawa Drolma.

The couple followed the Chinese tradition of posing for professional “wedding” photos in meaningful or scenic locations way ahead of their wedding day. The snaps went viral on the Chinese social mediums just days before their wedding earlier on Saturday, striking a chord as young people of ethnic minors attempt to incorporate both traditional culture as well as more modern trimmings into their lives throughout fast-modernizing China.

The snaps have been seen by 80% of users of messaging application WeChat, making Gerong Phuntsok and Dawa Drolma the most blessed groom and bride in the country.

Gerong told that it was really unexpected for them. He said that this is because they probably represented thousands and thousands of young people from ethnic minorities, who left their hometowns to go after a ‘modern life’ but selected to return to tradition after feeling a void in the heart.

With the fine appearance of the couple, the idea that went into the shooting locations and poses, the quality of the snaps and Phuntsok and Drolma’s Tibetan identities is what has concerned web users. Phuntsok works for an advertising firm, and he really wanted the wedding snaps to be creative.

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