Wedding venue shuts down

Nicholas Devito and his beloved Julie began quite early with their wedding planning. They reserved the Ocean View Inn as their wedding reception venue. By December, they booked rooms as well as deposited approximately US$ 5000 for their summer wedding ceremony. Even few days ago, it appeared that everything was on the right track.

But now, there is a problem, Nicholas and around half dozen others have registered complaints with the state attorney general and Gloucester police after Ocean View was closed through a foreclosure. The couples have also been unable to reach to the owner of Ocean View, which is located at 171 Atlantic Ave. on the picturesque Back Shore in Gloucester. The couples were now left hopeless on their wedding plans.

The news has spread all over in the past 2 weeks. Some couples have even listened it through social networks. Nicholas told that they thought that they were good. They were going to go up in February and put down yet another payment for food. They thought they were all set to go.

Earlier, Nicholas was alerted by his justice of the peace that Peter Bershad, the owner of Ocean View Inn, spoke to a couple to another wedding and there it was hinted that their wedding was the last one at his Inn.

Still, the website of the Inn describes the place as ‘known for its breathtaking views, traditional cuisine, and expertise in creating cherished wedding memories that last a lifetime.’


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